Akinyele Olabodun has changed the Education and Technology scene with the Mathematical App “OKENWA”

From teaching and mentoring other kids, Akinyele has used his skills to create a mathematical teaching app for his son, named after his son, as a birthday gift.

“During this lockdown, as I teach my son Mathematics, I have always wished I have some automated ways of generating basic arithmetic questions. So, I decided to put together a mobile app that generates Mathematical questions as his birthday gift. The name of the app is “Okenwa”. – Akinyele shared on his social media page

Okenwa means “A great child”. This game comes as a result of my experience teaching my child Mathematics. This is a gift for every parent in this lockdown to get your children busy. The app does not require internet to work. It has a timer to keep the child focused.

Akinyele Olubodun is a developer, Tech disruptor and innovator. He is the founder and the man behind the Young Africans IT Initiative (AYITI).

This foundation was first put together and announced in April 2017. The objective of AYITI is to give young kids between the ages of 7 and 13 access to learning coding programs in lagos Nigeria.

These programs usually take as long as 52 weeks and the whole idea according to him, is to have kids from this part of the world compete with other kids on a global scale with global standards. Nigerian kids are smart enough but do not have the opportunity to do this.

His passion and zeal is to gives kids the opportunity to achieve great things with coding. Akinyele Olubodun quit his job to be the pioneer of the AYITI foundation.

He mentioned on Young African Media, that he loves teaching and enjoys seeing kids do something with their time.

“To be honest, I don’t think all the kids will turn out as programmers. However, there’s something about programming and coding that helps you know how to solve general life problems. Coding brings out the best- and worst-case scenarios and for me, that is preparing them for their foreseeable future.” Akinyele went further

“Okenwa” is a result of so many days of work. I hope parents can share with other parents”.- An excited Akinyele expressed.

We love to see this! Download app here; https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.templatevilla.mathslearnpoint

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