When it comes to beauty care, you should only aim for the best of the best. Investing in quality beauty products most times comes at a price especially if you are on a budget; a quality price. Its satisfactory when we get value for our money even if it came at a grave cost. On some occasions, one may get lucky to get quality at low cost, what about when the best of the best comes at a high cost? 

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These five are but a few of from the range of beauty products that pass the mark of pricey beauty products that are worth you spending a fortune on.

Fenty’s Trophy Wife

Worth The Splurge Products

When Rihanna Robin launched her makeup brand; Fenty Beauty, three years ago, the internet could not keep calm, makeup tutorials reached a massive 132 million views in a month and it is still being applauded for catering to literally even skin colour”.

Worth The Splurge Products

In as much as Fenty lipsticks got impressive feedbacks, the Killawatt Highlighter Collection from this brand keep blinding us all. They are the “highlights” of Fenty makeup products. Of the six highlighters in the Killawatt Highlighter Collection, the Trophy Wife highlighter leaves you feeling like a trophy with its gold shimmering effect more than enough to “kill-a-watt”. I mean, who doesn’t want to walk around looking like a trophy? It definitely gives that sun-kissed effect without sunlight.

Crystal Gardenia By KKW Fragrance

Worth The Splurge Products

Seize the atmosphere with this feminine fragrance by Kim Kardashian West (KKW) Fragrance. It comes in a cute white crystal bottle. Women who have used this fragrance voted the power of its scent as “enormous”. In other words, if you are looking for a soft womanly fragrance to announce your presence, this is it.

Worth The Splurge Products

The major notes identified in Crystal Gardenia are water lily, pear, pink grapefruit while other notes present include gardenia, tiara flower, sandalwood, solar amber, pink grapefruit, musk, pear and water lily. It was also voted to have a long-lasting scent which is far better than the usual great-scented fragrance that do not last past an hour or two.

Kylie Cosmetics : The Burgundy Palette

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Kylie Cosmetics’ lip kit get so much attention but the palettes can be ignored for their quality results. The shades are truly smooth, pigmented and blend well overall. It contains a total of nine shades ranging from metallic finishes, burgundy, matte golds, coppers and taupe. It is one of Kylie Cosmetics’ bestsellers and that alone should tell you that it is worth the price. 

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Cerave Hydrating Skin Cleanser

According to Dermatologists and skin care experts, this cleanser makes it to the list of top 3 of the best facial cleansers. It is excellent for all skin types as it does not contain ingredients that strip the skin of its natural oils.

Worth The Splurge Products

It works to remove excess oil and calm irritated skin. This cleanser can be easily washed off leaving your face soft and hydrated.

Worth The Splurge Products

Good Molecules’ Niacinamide Brighten Toner

Niacinamide is a type of Vitamin B3 which is an effective skin care ingredient for minimizing skin pores and treating inflammatory skin conditions. 

Worth The Splurge Products

The brightening toner by Good Molecules has received so many great reviews by its users voguing for its effectiveness. It curbs the skin hyperpigmentation by preventing excess melanin production ensuring you are left with your real skin tone. It stabilizes the skin’s sebum and prevents skin dullness.

Worth The Splurge Products

What other beauty products have you “closed your eyes” to purchase and never regretted doing so?

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