Today is a great day for us here at Glace, we are celebrating one year of fabulosity and originality.Exactly one year ago, sitting on my desk at work, I decided to take the plunge and start a lifestyle blog.

Too many people had queried me for not having one as they all felt I had the qualities of a good blogger. However, I was skeptical as there were too many blogs out there churning out generic and “copy & paste”content so I didn’t want to be associated with that.

Anyways, here we are one year down the line, Glace is not a pinch where it should be but we’re glad to have stuck up with our own style. We are grateful to you who spend the time to read what we write (when we manage to write), Grateful to the close knit team and contributors who provide support when we need it.

So here’s to one year of publishing Glace, we promise to publish more consistently and hopefully, we will unveil all our plans to serve you better.



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