These are dresses we just could not understand, some of them were near misses, some were total failures whilst the others left us asking “what was that all about?”

Emma Watson in Dior: At first, seeing a profile shot of her in this dress and the sash, we thought Emma was wearing a sun dress. and then, voila! we saw the whole thing, leggings and backlessness inclusive. Some people are saying it is innovative and fresh but sorry Emma, we’re not buying it, it looks tacky as hell… This could have been perfect for the MTV awards or something of that nature, so we’re just going to ask you and Dior “what was that all about?”

Heidi Klum in Marchesa : For a former supermodel and one who produces a fashion show like project Runway, Heidi Klum sure gets on our bad side often on the red carpet. we believe she needs a red carpet intervention, she even had the guts to tweet her appreciation to her glam squad for this “hot mess” look! Do you mean to tell us you don’t own a mirror or what? we really don’t understand that choker and the whole tackiness… *arghhh*

 Jennifer Lawrence in Dior: JLaw is such a sweetheart and our personal darling but she left us hoping for something more in this dress. One, it looked like the step sister of her Oscar 2013 gown. two, we really don’t know what Dior got going with the bands and all that, the dress is just wrong! some people may be kissing her derrière and putting her on their best dressed list but not us. Good thing she won an award because the whole Dior family were having a bad night on the red carpet. Where’s Charlize Theron when you need someone to make a Dior splash?

Julia Roberts in Dolce&Gabbana: Julia is our favourite actress in the whole wide world but she isn’t getting off on this one. Seriously Julia, that D&G strapless gown was perfect till you wore a shirt underneath it. What was that all about? we’d advice you take fashion lessons from your niece, Emma Roberts. D&G needs an apology letter from you darling!

Laura Carmichael  : Beautiful white strapless number. Now what we don’t understand are the “Ultimate Warrior” like black strands attached to that dress.This is a sinful way to treat a dress Laura *tsk tsk tsk*

 Zooey Deschanel in Oscar de la Renta: Now, this isn’t a totally bad ensemble. Maybe someone else would have looked fabulous in it but not you Zooey. You look like a dowdy 55 year old matron in this. What a waste of youthful beauty! *sigh*

 Zoe Saldana in Prabal Gurung : Saldana and her friend/designer Prabal Gurung always come up with lovely creations. Ms Saldana but we really don’t understand what your dress is all about. There’s lace, there are cut outs, bla bla bla.. we just cant figure out your outfit. But one thing is certain, you sure know how to rock a confused outfit (Heidi Klum please go for lessons). You look so lovely and happy +  it all works. We love the shoes and  clutch too.

What did you think of our choices? who else would you like to add? 
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