History teaches us that new opportunities are born from the deepest moments of crisis – Giorgio Armani

As the government mandated lockdown extends, people on the internet are coming up with more ways to keep themselves busy just to pass the time till it’s declared safe to come outside.

From different challenges, to Tory Lanez’ “Quarantine Radio”, to upcoming reality shows and new series releases, there is so much going on at the same time. However, no one prepared us for this challenge- “the Pillow Challenge.” 

The pillow challenge is popular amongst the beautiful ladies of South Africa and has since spread. With the help of a belt , they tie a pillow or two to their torso and accessorise as they very well please. It’s like Quarantine inspired fashion; very creative, very fun and we definitely love it. Here are our best looks from the pillow challenge. 

Pillow Fashion - Glazia
Dineo Phasha
Pillow Fashion on Glazia
Sadie Torquiestuato
Pillow Fashion on Glazia
Makeda Saggau -Sackey

Amazed yet? we only just got started, here’s some more fire looks!

Pillow Fashion - Glazia
Pillow Fashion - Glazia
Aurelie Giroud
Pillow Fashion - Glazia
Senzi Ndungane

Which of the looks were your favourites ? we will wait.. reply in the comments below!

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