#GlazingHealth Challenge Day 3
Catch up today!

“In every crisis, doubt or confusion, take the higher path – the path of compassion, courage, understanding and love.” –  Amit Ray

It’s been rough couple of weeks. The stock market has tanked, a recession looks likely, and the world is facing its first major pandemic. Nevertheless, many philosophers and deep thinkers have observed that every crisis has a silver lining.

This is why you should make the best out of this situation. We introduce to you, the Glazing Health challenge! It is a health crisis but how about you use this time to boost your wellness and come out stronger and better?

DAY 2 – Catch up with a long-lost friend/family via phone or video call

Even in the worst of situations, you can find a silver lining. The coming of the pandemic and the subsequent devastation in its wake has forced the world into a new kind of reality where you inevitably have more time on your hands, time that should not be wasted, no matter what. 

Before now, our lives were busy and chaotic with work, marriage, business, children, school etc. In all of these many different relationships and entanglements, there were some other relationships that suffered because we could not do everything and touch everyone.  

There were some people we couldn’t call or get in touch with, because we forgot, or just never got around to placing that call across. We understand this and that is why today’s Glazia Health Challenge is for you to pick up your phone and call that friend or family member you haven’t spoken to in a very long time.

It could be a phone call, or a video call, but just make that call, and catch up on some old gist.  You’d be surprised the joy you might bring into someone’s life and your life as well. You can screen record or take a screenshot and share with us on social media @glaziang with the hashtag #GlazingHealth


Glazia is thrilled to bring you the Glazing Health challenge! Starting from the 6th of April, the14-Day Glazing Health Challenge has been designed to keep your spirit, body and mind in optimal form. Are you ready to be transformed? Click Here to join and receive our daily letters

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