Wearing prints, you have to be as bold as the most powerful animals in the jungle. Prints are beautiful, they are  loud, they come in different shades, styles and form. 

Prints can get you noticed for the wrong or right reasons. since no one wants to end up looking like a jungle warden, care has to be taken but most importantly, you need to be creative.

OR, you can just take the easy way out; sit back, relax and let us give you the needed inspiration and guidance on this one. 

WARNING: we really are not being careful with this, we’re throwing caution to  the wind and PRINTING it Glacé style!


 It doesn’t have to be be matchy-matchy, be adventurous and bold…Print it all out and be the star of the event.

 Rules are made to be broken by the strong and at Glacé, there really are no rules. yeah, you can wear prints with a different kind of print. The trick however, is in your contrast and carriage. You wear the clothes and not the other way round. Make your own rules and let fashion be your slave.  

 You can wear prints to the beach and rule… “rahhh”

 Who says you cannot wear matching prints? get nice accessories to contrast well and make your outfit shine. Go for gold!

The spotlight accessories here “The piece de resistance” are these neon Saint Laurent sandals and bag. You need to feel the bag and really see it, simple but oh so darling!

P.S:   Please ensure to  try out the total look in front of your full length mirror and see how it comes out before you go out. 

Dolce & Gabbana was our major inspiration for this Edit. You can get all the featured looks  Here and Here

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