Be you in a hurry or going for a casual or fun time, never leave home without any of these beauty items, to be forewarned is to be forearmed. 

  • Powder 
Beauty Essentials

A touch-up may be needed from time to time. You would not want your lovely makeup looking a tweeny-weeny out of place probably due to sweat or to control face oil. It could be your regular makeup powder or a special oil control powder. 

  • Lip Stick / Balm / Gloss
Beauty Essentials

Dry or cracked lips are not attractive at all. A hydrating or moisturizing lip balm or gloss is what you need to the rescue. You should also never leave home without the lipstick you are wearing that day for the sake of maintaining polished, refreshed lips.

  • Sun screen
Beauty Essentials

Sun screen protect us UV Sun rays, sunburn and hyperpigmentation. If at all you forget any beauty essential at home, do not go out without a sunscreen! For outdoors, use a sunscreen with Sun Protection Formula (SPF) 30.

  • Hair Brush / Comb
Beauty Essentials

Ever had an unnecessary breezy experience just before you arrived your destination? Well, don’t forget your fix at home. Depending on the hair style you made. A hair brush and/or comb must always be in your bag. You’d be surprised to know that your hair has plans of its own to get out of place – fix it with either of these.

  • Perfume
Beauty Essentials

There’s nothing more breath-taking than a pleasant smelling being intruding your day. Studies revealed that people are likely to be recognized or remembered by the cologne they wear. Also it’s possible for our cologne to wear off during the course of the day. You could take along a quality perfume that comes in a small bottle or a perfume oil (many of these come in little cute bottles).

  • Hand cream
Beauty Essentials

Our hands are some of the driest parts of our body. We use them almost all the time and hopefully, wash them regularly. Because of how dry they can get, they get easily wrinkled, irritated, hard and even start to peel off. This is why you need a moisturizing hand cream which will also soften your hand. Many hand creams come in portable containers that are easy to carry around. Say goodbye to dry hand palms and hands!

  • Hand sanitizer
Beauty Essentials

This is no stranger to our realm. Hand hygiene is a big deal. We have come to realize how unclean hands can spread diseases and infections quite quickly. Hand sanitizers are good subtitles for where you do not have access to clean water and soap to wash your hands. Scientists advice the usage of hand sanitizers with at least 60% isopropyl alcohol as they more effective in killing disease-causing germs and viruses.

  • Wipes / Soft tissue
Beauty Essentials

Yes, we need wipes or tissue, for wiping surfaces. You do not want to use your handkerchief or worse, you hand to clean a dusty or wet area. Wipes and soft tissue also come handy when you want to do the ‘number two’. It could be quite embarrassing to go out and realize that there aren’t any in the toilet you visit. As ladies, we also need these two for wiping for private area after taking a pee.

A bonus item is breath mint or breath spray. For maintaining a healthy fresh breath all day especially after meals or literally not even talking. Bad breath has been reported to be a major turn-off to a lot of people, so please, take a breath freshener with you always.

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