On the 27th of May 2019, the first annual APG DAY was celebrated by over 100 APG offices all over the world including Nigeria. To mark the occasion, many events and activities were held to thank the travel industry directly for their support and to recognize their daily contributions for APG. Agent award ceremonies, visits to travel agencies to hand out gifts, special celebratory meals and parties to honour agents took place around the world.

Other events also took place to reflect APG’s commitment to being socially responsible and respectful, to working towards a cleaner and safer environment and to bringing a positive contribution to the community
around us. These included a variety of social events and activities ranging from visiting local orphanages, bringing to them much needed supplies and donations and spending quality time playing with the children, to planting trees for the future and cleaning up local beaches.

To underline global credentials, APG held a run with runners from all over the world. Runners from different time zones came together to run a combined distance across many countries worldwide.

“We are delighted with what we achieved: 4 Regions, 23 countries, over 60 runners and a total of 354.78km” a statement from APG read. “The members of the APG Network demonstrated on APG DAY what makes us different, that individually we are remarkable and that together we are stronger”

On why May 27th was chosen as APG DAY, the network noted that “27 May was selected because 27 May or 27-5 shares the same numerical digits as our own APG Airlines, which hosts our APG IET product, and whose code is GP-275”

The Nigerian team visited the Hearts of Gold Children’s Hospice in Lagos as APG DAY 275 coincided with Children’s Day in Nigeria. They took provisions for everyone and spent some fun time with the kids.APG Day


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