We are here again to help you step- up your beauty game from the comfort of your home. This time, we are doing it the ancient way.

Are you ready?

Below are Ancient Beauty Practices that have been passed on from generations to generations and have proven to yield positive results for centuries.

1. Argan Oil
Beauty Recipe

Derived from the kernels of Argan tree which grows mostly in Morocco, Argan oil is highly nourishing both for your hair and skin. It is rich in antioxidants, fatty acids and Vitamin E which hydrate, make the skin glow and cause your mane to shine. 

2. Clay Masks
Beauty Recipe

From Rassoul to Koalin to Bentonite. Clay mask has been a staple clarifying agent in the beauty world for ages. It can be used in place of a shampoo to cleanse and clarify both hair and scalp. It reduces acne, removes dirt from skin pores, purifies, rejuvenate and revive skin tones.

3. Green Tea 
Beauty Recipe

Green tea differs due to herbal ingredients and production process. It is recommended for body weight regulation, improvement of metabolism and intense detoxification of the body system. The benefits of green tea is numerous ranging from heart health, lowering diabetes, immunity boost, reducing cancer risk and so on. 

4. Milk and Honey bath
Beauty Recipe

The historic Queen Cleopatra of Egypt is well known for her unique beauty routines, one of which includes Milk and Honey baths. You can add either olive oil or baking soda to the duo. This luxurious beauty routine should definitely be on your “body-pamper” list. 

5. Rice Water
Beauty Recipe

This Asian beauty practice has been making raves in the beauty community of recent. Rice water stimulates hair growth and restores hair loss. It provides amazing brightening and anti-inflammatory results on the skin. Still in doubt? Check out Asian women’s skin. 

6. Shea Butter 
Beauty Recipe

The usage of this versatile butter is rampant in Central and West Africa. Derived from the shea tree, this affordable butter provides natural shine and softens both skin and hair. It has proven over time to be a reliable natural moisturiser and Ultra-Violet ray protector. 

7. Sugaring
Beauty Recipe

Have you had enough of the itching, bumps and ingrown hairs associated with the use shaving cream and razor? Then you need to try sugaring, also known as Persian waxing. This is a natural way of removing hairs from the body. All you need to do is; boil sugar in clean water and stir till its golden brown, allow to cool and use it to wax hairy areas. 

You’d notice that all these are natural means of sustaining beauty and wellness. Why not put the chemicals on hold and have a feel of nature’s beauty care while lounging indoors?

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