Amazon, the world’s biggest E-commerce Conglomerate, has partnered with AGS Tribe, Africa’s female-focused community for economic growth, to deepen their diversity and inclusion efforts.

Since 2019, the AGS Tribe, a women’s community with the focus of enabling women for success, has been working on creating and providing amazing opportunities for women and youths in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. AGS prides itself in fostering  financial and economic growth and stability for its members and beyond. The app was an additional innovation to the AGS products and was created to further inspire, connect and build the capacity of young entrepreneurs and professionals.

AGS Tribe

Amazon Partners with AGS Tribe
AGS Tribe Members.
L-R: Amuche Ekemezie; Senior Product Manager, Tranzfar, Ife Durosinmi-Etti; Founder, AGS Tribe, Mosope Adeyemi; Executive Director, Goldman Sachs, Mrs. Samira Simo Bemba

Some of these efforts include the AGS Enterprise Challenge for entrepreneurs, the Modern Mom competition for working moms, and the collaboration with Quickteller on the Money Simulation Programs, amongst others.

In a culmination of their efforts to bring opportunities to women and young people, the AGS Tribe app was launched in December 2020, with an opportunity board which showcases opportunities from around the world. These openings include potential job roles, Funding, Fellowships as well as Scholarships and more. Since its launch, The AGS tribe app has been impactful for women globally, it is a social community with daily updates with various impactful features easily accessIble to its members. The platform has impacted the lives of over 80,000 women through capacity building, mentorship and funding.

Amazon Partners with AGS Tribe
AGS Tribe members

Amazon prides itself in pursuing excellence and is committed to diversity and inclusion, also always looking for ways to scale impact as they grow. The partnership with AGS Tribe, a credible organization based in Nigeria, with a diverse pool of female professionals is perfectly positioned to introduce more female talent to the Amazon Engineering services team.

The AGS Tribe will now be hiring partners with Amazon Engineering Services in recruiting talents for Amazon from within Africa. The roles will include recruiters , managers, Program and Project managers, business analysts and interns. 

Amazon Partners with AGS Tribe
AGS Community During Virtual Session

The partnership reveal was virtual and had over 100 people in attendance. During the reveal, the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Pipeline Subgroup Lead from Amazon said, “I personally reached out to AGS Tribe a few months ago because I saw what they were doing in terms of diversity and empowerment, and it aligned with what the Engineering services team in Amazon is doing. My role specifically is to fill the recruitment pipeline with diverse candidates so that we can have a wider talent pool when we recruit into Amazon. We are really excited to be partnering with AGS Tribe on this, and we are hoping to get a lot of quality candidates to fill the recruitment pipeline for engineering services; procurement, finance, category managers, etc.”

Amazon Partners with AGS Tribe
AGS Tribe members – Group photo

This partnership ushers in an exciting new future for Female African talents and we can’t wait to see the future of this new venture.

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