Clay masks can be said to be as old as the earth because they originate from soil and rocks. For thousands of years, in the absence of exfoliating scrubs, chemical peels and OTC skincare products, nature has been the number one source of skincare and this included clay masks. 

The three most common ones used for haircare and skincare are Rhassoul, Bentonite and Kaolin clay. Of these three, Kaolin Clay is considered the most gentle as the most moisturising than the others.

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Kaolin clay is sourced from decayed minerals such as feldspar. In its purest form, the clay is white or cream. Due to impurities, it could be either red, blue or brown. It is named after a hill in China where it was first discovered. 

So why Kaolin? These reasons will tell you why it’s a skincare goldmine!

1. The PH level of the clay is neither acidic nor alkaline making it neutral. This is very important as it will not disrupt the chemical balance of your skin. 

2. It gently detoxifies the skin, drawing out impurities and that clog to pores. 

Skin Mask

3. Other clays tend to sometimes leave the skin after detox but Kaolin has the advantage of moisturing while detoxing. 

4. Due to its detoxifying properties, the clay mask effective in treating acne and controlling oil-production in the skin. 

5. Kaolin clay is soothing as well. It is a great option for calming rashness, skin irritation, inflammation and skin itch. 

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6. Using the clay mask for an extended period of time, makes the natural tone of your skin conspicuous over time. 

7. From the reasons listed above, Kaolin Clay is the best option for sensitive and easily irritated skin. 

In making the clay mask, do not use metal tools else the clay will become less effective from absorbing the metal. Best to make the mask with plastics. Either green tea, Apple Cider Vinegar, yoghurt, charcoal, aloe vera gel, essential oils or clean lukewarm water can be mixed with clay till the desired consistency is achieved.

Skin Mask

Now that you’ve heard of this ‘as gentle as a dove’ mask, what are you mixing with yours?

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