Dear Kanye,

Saying you are in crises will be putting things mildly. Your ego and ability to say things other artistes lack the courage to say is one of the many reasons we love and still love you. However, there is this saying “too much of everything is bad” and that seems to apply to you right now.
It is so bad that The Grammy awards, clearly in what is a snub, gave Yeezus only two nominations. Yeezus was undoubtedly an excellent album, little wonder the album placed either number 1 or 2 in most of the top magazines and media outlets when they listed out top albums of 2013. Don’t forget The Grammys punish people for bad behaviour no matter how good they are (you can ask R-Kelly, Chris Brown and the likes).
Kanye, as one of the most intelligent (if not the most intelligent) rappers we have at the moment albeit a very controversial one, It is our belief and we are sure others share it with us too that you have had one rant too many.
Here is what we would advise you do and it’s all for free too:
1.       No more rants please, we love your rants but even you are beginning to commonize them. The rants are special and we used to look forward to them, now people just sigh when they hear there’s another rant. You are ODing on rants.
2.       No more criticisms, too much……
3.       Focus on other people but yourself for the now. We know the fight you are in is not for yourself alone, but you’re coming across as selfish. It’s Christmas, do something nice for others, enjoy your family, enjoy the little things and breathe.
4.       Work, work work: we hear you are bringing a new album out next year? Make it so good even The Grammys will find it hard to snub you. Make it so good that the doubters and haters would find it difficult to ignore you, pour out every frustration and genius into it that the world will be jolted back into realising the Kanye power.
Your deal with Adidas? Bring out the very best designs that they will sell out so fast and make history even Nike will secretly go and buy so they can take notes.
What does this all mean? It means that when people begin to doubt you, when people begin to write that your fan base and popularity are dwindling, you work and put their mouths back where they belong.
You got a big ego and we loved it because you could back it up (cues in Beyonce feat Kanye- Ego). Right now, kanye we need you to back it up with results, go into hibernation and come back swinging so hard that all the top companies will be begging for a meeting! Look back at the past and think “What was I doing right at that time?”
5.       Yes, every publicity is good publicity BUT no more interviews please! These people just want you to say the wrong things, ignore them and keep mum. Stealth should be the watchword.  Stay little so when you come back out they don’t see you coming and you strike big.
REMEMBER:  you have freedom of speech but you also carry the responsibility for what you say (Let’s forget all that Mandela, Michael Jackson and what not talk). Fight for what is right but never forget caution, think like a mogul rapper.
Here’s to hoping you see this and take a thing or two from it.

Your loving fan.
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