There will always be money to be made, there will always be a job to get to, there will always be another contract to execute, and so much more, and if you keep chasing after this relentlessly, which is a good thing on its own, but if you do not strike a balance, you might be losing out on the things that money cannot buy.

Before you start wondering what and what you can do to make your weekend groovy, we are sharing some tips.
Resist the temptation to work.

Unless of course you ABSOLUTELY have to, say no to work this weekend and let yourself rest, both mentally and physically. So, shut down that laptop and leave work alone for a while.

Take out time to sleep.

Now that you have shut down your laptop, don’t pick up your tablet or phone or start doing any other form of work. Take a shower, put on your pajamas, get into bed, go under your duvet, turn the lights off, switch off your phones and sleep for as long as humanly possible.

Visit your family

If you live in the same city as your family, pick out a day this weekend and pay them a visit. The hard truth about life is that it is fleeting. Go visit your family, hug them for long minutes, kiss them on the forehead or cheeks, smile with them, laugh with them and share a meal with them. Don’t forget to take pictures too; very important. Capture the moments and cherish them.

Take yourself out for brunch, lunch or dinner

Freshen up, get dressed (all out or simple, whatever works best for you). and go to your favorite restaurant or bar or any spot you fancy, and order a plate of something you love. Add a healthy glass of your favourite wine to that.

Go to the movies or read a book at home.

The cinemas are now open, so you have a very valid reason to leave the house. Go see a movie alone, or go with some friends. However, if you prefer the indoors, then just grab a book, but not a serious one, definitely not a book on finance or economic recessions and crashing market shares. Read a fun book like comedy or romance, you can try some erotics too. Just saying.

Go to the beach.

The options are numerous and would for any and every personality type. The beaches are open now, so just get into a nice pair of shorts, a tank top, a t-shirt, a chiffon gown or any fancy and simple beach wear you have and hit the beach. Allow your feet sink into the sand, enjoy the ocean breeze, grab a cocktail, enjoy the view and relax. Your body, spirit and soul will thank you for it.

Spend time with your nuclear family.

If you are married, take this weekend to stay home, play with your spouse, gist with them, play with the kids if you have them, or your pets (if you have those). Play a board game, listen to music you love, dance with your family, eat a great home cooked meal, or order in if you like, or you all can go out together and have a great time as a family.

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