The 65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards took place Sunday night, we take a look at the gowns that didn’t wow us on the red carpet last night. It was difficult to add some people on this list as most of the gowns were really lovely, we just had to pick at snips here and there to make this.

This pale Givenchy gown doesn’t do anything good for the usually adorable January Jones. She looks washed out and the gown is by all means NOT Emmy worthy, looks like a casual dress. Others may oooh and aaah over it but we’re not impressed.
We see what you were trying to do here Amanda Peet but errrr, you didn’t quite get it. Better luck next time 
HEIDI KLUM: This Versace gown is lovely but it feels like we have seen you wearing something like this before, especially the neck part.. There’s just something we can’t put our finger on that is off about this look, you didn’t wow us cutie.We loved it a little more when we saw the side view but it doesn’t take you off the bottom barrel
JULIANNE HOUGH in Jenny Packham:  beautiful fabric, lovely dress, hair and make-up on point but we don’t like what the cut of the top does to your bust area. It is just not flattering at all. .  If the falling dress hand had come up on your shoulders, you may have been on the best dressed list. Gee, wish people would get off this “sheer  dress and bikini”trend, it is tired

LENA DUNHAM in Prada: 1st look, we thought “totally horrible” but we looked again and saw it wasn’t a bad dress. She just looks like she’s hiding a couple of kids inside the skirt of her gown. Big people should not wear big dresses, look at  her eye make-up *sigh*. We love you still Lena, just get fashion help.

Zosia Mamet: Just when you think you have seen the worst, someone trails in looking like what we cannot mention. Even if they designed this hideous dress for you, couldn’t you say no?  Every lady should invest in a full length mirror and never leave the house without consulting it. 

Okay, that’s our opinion. who is the “ultimate red carpet loser” for you? let the votes come in!

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