Indeed, according to top experts, you still need to keep on top of your skincare regime whilst working from home. From deeply cleansing your skin to keep it glowing, to pumping it with a surge of much-needed hydration – the isolation period is the ideal time to nail the skincare regime you’ve been attempting to master for years. Plus, when we come out on the other side, your skin will thank you for it.

Some specific skincare regimen you should be following, to ensure your skin remains protected and nourished during these turbulent times.

Get cleansing

Even though we aren’t out and about, our dead skin can build up and dust and grime from our homes can clog our skin. Use a gentle cleanser, it is advisable to use an oil to cleanse your skin, especially if you suffer from any redness, an oil cleanser will instantly melt any makeup off without any scrubbing at all, which makes it perfects for mornings too.

For a deep cleanse to control open pores, texture and blemishes, always double cleanse. Start with an oil-based cleansing to remove all impurities, then cleanse off and apply a water-based cleanser.

Tone up

Remember toners have alcohol in them and tonics don’t, so if you have sensitive skin opt for a tonic for a hydrating way to calm skin and close any open pores.

Opt for water-based toners, tonics that include Sodium hyaluronate, Glycerin and Hyaluronic acid. These ingredients instantly bind and lock moisture into the skin leaving it plump and hydrated after cleansing.

Pump in the moisture

Your morning skincare routine can make a big difference to your skin throughout the day with the right ingredients. Firstly, think hydration! We go 8 hours at night without drinking water, and our skin is the first sign of that, so opt for water-based serums and moisturizers that include Sodium hyaluronate, Glycerine and Hyaluronic acid.

Mask, even at night

Face masks are great weekly treats for your skin that really give an instant boost to the skin when it’s dull or acne-ridden. When you do sleep in a mask, you will find that you wake up with much more refreshed and revived skin.

Multi-masking (applying a variety of masks designed for different needs) is a great way to ensure your skin is getting exactly what it needs. Opt for a clay mask through the T-zone to combat oily areas and pores, and a nourishing mask through the forehead and cheeks to hydrate.

Double up a grain-based mask as an exfoliator; these are the masks that feel like salt or sugar granules in the formula. Apply all over and leave for 10 minutes, then scrub the skin in circular motions to refresh and take off any dead skin. Always apply a face mask just after the shower, or for an even more intense detox, apply after steam which will ensure it is really working at detoxing and reviving the skin.

Protect against blue light

Netflix face is very much a real thing, with our screens emitting blue light. Evidence suggests exposure to blue light on a daily basis causes long-term ageing, so adapting our skincare is essential. All our screens emit High-energy visible (HEV) light and Infrared (IR) light. In some studies HEV and IR light have been shown to penetrate the skin more deeply than the traditionally marketed UVA, UVB and UVC rays.

“Potential effects are similar to those caused by the sun. HEV is emitted from the sun too. Some studies have shown the breakdown of collagen and other similar ageing issues such as hyperpigmentation/colour changes, inflammation and dehydration.

“The best way to protect against and repair environmentally or digitally damaged skin is to use an anti-pollution-based skin care regimen. Try taking a screen break and always wear protective skincare such, which protects against HEV light.”

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