Wardrobe Oxygen as the term implies, is about breathing life into your entire fashion outlook. You know how living things like us need oxygen to survive as humans, there are also some essentials your wardrobe needs to let you live your true style.


Wardrobe essentials

It is important to have some denim in your wardrobe,. Be it denim pants, jackets, boot cut, they are very important. They are top choice for parties, movie dates, hangouts, church, work etc. You literally can’t do without denim. You can wear it with your Ts, chiffon tops, denim jackets, ankara tops or skirts. It’s goes with everything!

Court shoes

Wardrobe essential

Court shoes are perfect for almost all events. It is mostly worn in official settings but these shoes can go the long haul and fit in at any event or setting. They can go from work during the day to evening drinks with the girls etc… If you are traveling and can only pack a pair of shoes, court shoes are your best bet! We the versatility of these wardrobe essentials.

LBD (little black dress)

Wardrobe essentials

It has come to be a necessity that every lady should own a little black dress. Just like the court shoes, short black dresses, are perfect for any occasion/ event. Dinner dates, cocktail parties, evening events, fashion shows etc. If you feel lost or indecisive about what to wear, a short black dress will come through for you. A wardrobe essential for sure!


Wardrobe essential

Belts aren’t just for fastening your pants to your waist, there are other belts that are for the waist. Their job is to highlight your waist and make your hips more pronounced. Sometimes the outfits come with the belt, other times you have to use yours. It’s imperative to have belts of different sizes and colours as these wardrobe essentials know how to resurrect a dead look!


Wardrobe essentials

We regard jewelry as the icing on the cake. Jewels are not only wardrobe essentials, they can be used as embellishments for outfits. They are like highlighters in makeup, they add finishing touches to your look and they bring your outfits to life. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces etc. The key to accessorizing with jewelry is to find the style that suits your features (the length of your neck, neckline, length of shoulder etc.) and your outfit. Easy does it but sometimes, you can go crazy with it and just pile it all up!


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