Seeing people  look amazing either in their pictures or at an event, it would seem as though they have fashion figured out. This may be true or, it could simply be coincidental. Fashion has more to do with your personality than anything else. Are you conservative? Or liberal? Do your prefer darker hues or light ones? Are you averse to patterns or stripes or is it floral?  These are questions you can answer.

However we have put together, 5 major fashion tips or guidelines that will take you from frumpy to yummy;

  1. Know your body type
Fashion Tips
What is your body type?

It is imperative that you know what your body type is. Are you apple shaped, pear shaped, “hour glass” figure shaped, or round. Each body type or shape have the clothes that suit them the most.  This knowledge will help you shop for outfits that hug you where it should and free you where it needs to. For example, pear shaped people should avoid balloon gowns because it makes them look like an upturned hot air balloon. This shape should emphasize on the upper part of their body, with embellishments and bogus sleeves.

  1. Invest in good underwear
Fashion Tips
Lingerie anyone?

A good and clean underwear for your body type, will package your intimate areas and aid your clothes to hang better on your body. It is important to know your size and what outfits to pair with certain underwear. For example, if you are putting on a body con outfit, it’s better to use underwear that will not leave lines all over the outfit. Another example will be, keep your underwear, under your clothes. it’s a little tacky to see your singlet or “inner shirts” hanging out of your sleeves or the neck lines of your “agbada”.

  1. Understand Colors and Patterns
Fashion Tips
Colors and patterns class

This fashion tip very important, so listen closely. You need to have a good knowledge of colors and patterns and how to pair them. There are a lot of people who give  “color blocking”a try and end up making a huge mess. There are also those who mix patterns for fun and end up being laughed at. Fashion states that, there cannot be more than three colors in your entire outfit so you don’t run the risk of looking like a clown. Find colors that bring out the best in your skin tone, highlight the your eyes with the colors, accentuate your best features and find hues that can be paired with them. As for patterns, please understand its not OK to mix lines and floral patterns without following the color rule above.

  1. Know your best feature and show it off
Fashion Tips
Give it to them how they should take it!

Everyone has the part of their body that is their “selling point”. Be it your curves, legs, face, complexion, hands etc. All of your outfits should be geared towards accentuating these features. For example, Jennifer Lopez knows she’s got amazing legs that’s why she wears a lot of daring thigh high slits, Denola Grey knows suits, jackets and coats bulk up his rather slender frame which is why he is slaying them all. Know your selling point and step out dishing hot looks everyday!

  1. Be confident
Fashion Tips
Confidence is your best outfit!

Confidence is a natural good look.

Nothing looks better than a full doze of confidence on anyone. When you feel good about yourself, you love your body, curves and edges, flaws and all. The love you feel aids you to wear confidence and slay as you should. Be You, Be Beautiful, and you’d be surprised how good you look each day!

Do keep in mind that there are really no hard and fast rules for fashion, only tips, and expert advice. If you think something works for you, go ahead and do it. Just make sure you are happy, while at it.

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