With all the things happening in the world these days, one can’t exactly run away from stress and other mental depletion. From COVID-19, to Racism, to Rape and Police brutality, the burden of the world is endless and heavy. To keep sane and continue to be productive at home and at work, we have come up with 5 ways in which you can reduce your stress levels today and the rest of the week

Below are 5 creative ways to manage stress this week;

  • Find Pleasure in the simple things and focus on things you can control
Stress Management

When you find yourself thinking long and hard about a news update you saw concerning the bad things happening in the world, take a deep breath and analyze the situation. Can you do anything about this? Can you lend you your voice or service in anyway? Can you control the situation in anyway? If No, sympathize and move on. Note it as something you cannot control, so what good would it do, if you keep pondering on it all day? 

The Simple things in life are what matter the most. So, read a book, write, if that’s what you love, dance, sing, make art and put your mind at ease. Today, we recommend you focus only on the things that make you happy!

  • Be Kind to Your Family and Friends
Stress Management
Be Kind

At times like this, people need kindness. As much as possible be kind to yourself, and those around you. If you are in a situation you can’t control or you hear a news update that you can’t do anything about, use that opportunity to spread kindness and positivity via your platform. In a world filled with war, killings and violence, a little love and care will go a long way in making things better. So, start from home and show love to your family and friends. People cope differently and some might not be able to so check on friends, colleague or even acquaintances, you haven’t heard from in a while especially during these Covid times. You never know, that person’s voice might be the one to relieve you of all the stress you have been feeling.

  • Talk to Someone!!!
Stress Management

When you are feeling stressed out or “you can’t take it anymore”, please talk to someone. This may sound cliché or vague but it is not. You find that when you talk to someone about what is bothering you or stressing you out, you gain a new perspective. Talking to a trusted friend, colleague or family member, can go a long way in breaking down issues you may be going through and relieving stress. It is being said that 2 heads are better than 1 for a reason. The internet has made communication easy, so even when you can’t be with the people you love physically, you can still be connected. If it is something you can’t be candid about with people you know, there are a few psychotherapist centers in Nigeria offering virtual sessions and some are free! So, stress management therapy to the rescue!

  • Have People Around You, you can Talk to
Stress Management

Talking to someone might become difficult when you don’t have anyone around to talk to. Now that the lockdown has been eased, An opportunity to be with loved ones has risen. Take advantage of this opportunity to talk to a friend, partner, or someone you’re comfortable talking to, when you feel bored, overwhelmed or anxious.  This may not always be easy as you might feel they might not understand where you are coming from. However, know that nothing good comes easy and you need to do everything possible to manage your stress for the betterment of your health (Mental and physical)

  • There’s a Link Between Physical and Mental Health
Stress Management

Studies have shown that your mental state can affect your physical well -being. This is why it is important to protect the mind from triggers and depletion. When stressed or anxious, you can easily carry out physical activities that will help make your mental state better. Some of those activities may involve, eating well, staying active, meditation, reduction of Alcohol intake, Drinking of water, and sleep. These activities may seem minor, but they go a long way in managing stress and keeping your mental health intact.

Stress Management

If it ever gets too overwhelming or stressful, don’t forget to take breaks. From work, social media, family drama etc. If that is not enough, contact a professional and do the work of keeping sane in seemingly insane times.

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