Let’s delve into history facts in relation to beauty; from the first set of jewelry to skin whitening, nail extension and an old method of exfoliating which still exists today. 

1. Snow White

Having a fair white skin used to be considered more desirable than having a tanned skin. For this cause, people went as far as putting leech on their face so that it will suck their blood causing them to look pale. 

2. Egyptians and Kohl

Egyptians applied Kohl heavily on their eyelids. It was served not only as a form of cosmetic for them but also protected their eyes from the sun.  It was also used for the religious purpose of drawing the eye of the god of healing – Horus. 

Historic beauty facts

3. The origin of Jewelry

Jewelry can be said to be as old as man. The early humans wore animal bones and teeth, flowers, egg shells, pearls, cowries, sea shells, etc as adornment. The earliest type of jewelry were discovered to be nassa mud snail’s shells.

4. Attractive Calculations

Scientists have discovered that the more symmetrical your face is, the most appealing people think you look. A person’s face has to be one and a half times longer than its width to be considered very attractive. 

Historic beauty facts

5. Fragrance

Amongst the ingredients listed on beauty products, the word fragrance can represent 3000 chemicals. It could be single ingredient added or a mixture of various chemicals to produce a distinct scent.

6. Lash Mite

Sleeping with your mascara is unsafe for your eyes. It can attract eyelash mites to reside on your lashes and cause itchness, burning sensation and redness of the eye. 

Historic beauty facts

7. Waterproof makeup Hack 

Actress and Swimmer, Esther Williams has served as a great inspiration to the invention of waterproof makeup. She had alot of underwater shoots and her makeup stayed intact all through. One of her tips was to dab babyoil all over her face.

8. Bronzer

Before the existence of makeup bronzer, women found a way to radiate that sun-glow and add warmth to their skin by soaking about 10 tea bags and spraying it on their skin. 

Historic beauty facts

9. Nail Extension

American dentist, Maxwell Lappe invented false nails in 1934. The product called Nu Nails was originally created for his clients who bit their nails. 

10. Sandpaper

In other get rid of skin blemishes including acne, ancient Egyptians used sandpaper to exfoliate their skin. Even more interestingly, sandpaper is still being used by some people to exfoliate their skin. 

Historic beauty facts

The beauty industry keeps shocking us as keep making discoveries of ancient methods, how they influence current beauty trends and even the length to which people will go to attain their beauty goals. 

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