From bizarre facts to shocking reveals, as well as medicinal purposes including psychological revealings; here’s ten beauty fun facts you haven’t read about before, mostly historical. 

1. The first nail polish was created using beeswax, gum, egg whites and coloured powder in China. 

2. Ancient Egyptians created the first makeup using copper and lead ore.

Fun Facts

3. The first brand to introduce the red nail polish is Revlon in 1932

4. During the Second World War, female millitary nurses had to wear lipstick to remind them of their feminity and also because it had a calming effect on the male soldiers. 

5. Studies reveal that about 70% women have deleted a selfie or untagged themselves in a picture because they dislike their hair. 

Fun Facts

6. Psychologists claim that the left side of your face is prettier than the right. 

7. William Shakespeare was the first to use the word ‘blush’ as the meaning for ‘reddening of the face’

8. In curing certain ailments such as intestinal and lung problems, the Egyptians drank a perfume called ‘Kyphi’ made out of berries, honey, flowers and wine.

Fun Facts

9. Blond hair was highly desired in ancient Greece . It was seen as luxurious and such hair colour was scarce amongst them. 

10. Women in the Mentawai tribe in Western Sumatra file their teeth to a fine point and are tattooed with a needle and hammer. Ouch!

We have definitely come a long way in the beauty trends, as lipsticks are everywhere and all hair types are gaining as much attention and appreciation as any other. We hope you’ve learnt a thing or two in this history class, lol. Stay safe. 

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