Your beauty lifestyle just became easier with these beauty hacks. From makeup removal made easy to getting rid of puffy eyes, here are 10 life saving easy beauty hacks to try out;

Lash Glue Applicator

Applying glue to lash extensions just got less messy and neater instead. With a clean bobby pin, you can neatly apply glue to your lash extensions.

Matte Lipstick

Sometimes we just want our favorite lipstick to be matte because we can’t get enough it. Easy. After applying your lipstick, cover your lips with tissue and then apply translucent powder over it, make sure it traces the area of your lips. Remove the tissue and rock your matte lipstick.

Contour Substitute

Brow Pencil is a great substitute for contouring. It is usually a of dark shade and can stand in for your contour. Easy to apply as all you need do is trace out your contour lines and blend in.

Drying your nail polish

After painting your nails, soak them in ice water to set the nail polish and make them dry faster.

Goodbye, Puffy Eyes

To get rid of puffy eyes, press cold green tea bags under your eyes for 3 – 5 minutes to reduce puffiness then go about your day looking glammed.

Fix Broken Lipstick

A broken lipstick is one of many makeup . Not to worry. The next time this happens, melt the broken ends with a lighter and gently attach them together. After this, put the lipstick in a fridge for it to cool. Viola! Broken lipstick fixed!

Brow lift

Apply highlighter above the brows to get your desired brow lift.

Fuller Brows

Achieving fuller brows is usually one of many makeup goals. Use brow gel in place of brow pencil to get full looking brows.

Larger Eyes

Create the appearance of a larger eye by utilizing your eyeliner. Do not apply eyeliner on your waterline, instead, apply it below your waterline and above your lash line to make your eyes appear larger.


The versatility of Vaseline is mind blowing. From skin moisturizer, hair softener, lip balm to even makeup remover, Vaseline is one product needed the most in your makeup kit.

Which of these easy beauty hacks do you intend to try out today?

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